• Do you have electricity?

    While we do have a limited supply of solar generated electricity for lighting & refrigeration, we implore you to embrace the bush in all its glory without the burden of modern day technology. Ample lighting is provided however.

  • Is there a malaria risk?

    We do fall under the malaria risk area, and as such ask that our patrons make the necessary arrangements and take the precautions as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Is the water potable?

    Clean, safe and drinkable water is available throughout Nthakeni. Bottled water is also available on request.

  • What are the temperatures like at Nthakeni?

    Summertime temperatures can reach mid 40 degree celcius. Winter times are much more temperate with temperatures ranging from high 20’s to mid 30’s.

  • Are there shops nearby?

    There are a few local shops nearby, but we encourage you to bring your food and drink requirements with you, as we cannot guarantee stock and range at these shops. We do provide a small shop on premises for basics such as water, ice and wood.

  • Do you have wifi/cellular signal?

    There is a MTN cellular tower nearby and should provide coverage in some spots, but try and leave your technology at home and enjoy the bush.

Peace has a GPS location

Wow! What can I say except this was the best bush experience of my life!...

Nature at its best (South Africa)